New Complementary Treatment

Non-medical Non-surgical and Non-laser

since April 2005
By Dr. Somkiat Athikomkullachai

1. Purpose of the website
          This website was constructed to provide the reader who confront with the disease and would like to cure without surgery or even medication
2. What is Glaucoma ?
          There is a circulating , water-like fluid called the aqueous humor in the eyeball. It is produced by the ciliary body in the eyeball and drain out through the Trabecular meshwork ( a sieve like apparatus in the eyeball ) and the Uveo-scleral pathway. The intra ocular pressure ( IOP ) results from the balance between the production and outflow of the aqueous humor.

          Intra ocular pressure is essential to keep the eye in shape. Most people have an average IOP between 9 21 mmHg. , with a mean IOP of about 15 mmHg. Any resistance to outflow cause increase IOP that leads to a decreased ocular blood perfusion and follow by dying of nerve cell and visual loss.

3. Classification of the various type of Glaucoma
          3.1 Congenital glaucoma
It is inborn error of aqueous drainage system , cause IOP elevation with characteristically enlarged eyeballs
          3.2 Primary angle closure glaucoma
There is a pronounced incease in the inta ocular pressure with severe eyepain caused by complete or almost complete blockage of the aqueous drainage by the root of Iris
          3.3 Primary chronic open angle glaucoma ( POAG )
Most of the patients belong to this type of glaucoma. When people get older the trabecular meshwork is laden , more or less , with substance that impair aqueous humor dainage and gradually increased the intra ocular pressure. The retinal neve cell and fiber are slowly and silently destroyed without any symptom until blind.
4. Therapy
          4.1 IOP Lowering Medication
          4.2 IOP Lowering Laser treatment
          4.3 IOP Lowering Operation
          4.4 Increase ocular blood perfusion
          4.5 Alternative form of therapy

                    4.5.1 Acupunctue may enhance ocular blood flow but no influence on the IOP
                    4.5.2 Eye Massage was founded in the year 2003 by Doctor Somkiat Athikhomkulchai , an ophthalmologist in Bangkok Thailand

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