Complementary Treatment for Glaucoma
The Massage Technique

by Somkiat Athikhomkulchai , M.D.
An Ophthalmologist

           It is another choice of treatment that is easy , economical , not harmful , non aggressive , no side effect but high efficiency.

          In general , the goal of treatment in Glaucoma disease is to lower the intra-ocular pressure for fresh blood can better perfuse into the eyes to supply the nerve cell and nerve fiber in the eyes.  Although all ophthalmologists agree that decreasing intra-ocular pressure is crucial , but not all acknowledge the importance of ocular perfusion and its treatment.  With this massage technique, I have found that , not only decreasing the intra-ocular pressure but the outstanding effect is the acceleration of blood perfusion into the eyes to supply the nerve cells and nerve fibers . This crucial effect help in prevention , protection and restoration of the Optic Nerve function that the patients can observe this good signs by themselves such as
          1. Light brightness  the patients can see things brighter ( Glaucoma patients look things dimmer when the disease progress)
          2. Dark adaptation  better seeing in the low light condition
          3. Contrast sensivity  can read , write or do computer work clearly
          4. Vision  Recovery of visual function both visual acuity and visual field in case the ganglion cells do not function but not yet dead.

          In conclusion , there are 3 goals for Eye Massage Technique
          1. Lowering the intra-ocular pressure
          2. Increasing ocular perfusion
          3. Prevention , protection and Restoration of the optic nerve function
          When the intra-ocular pressure is lowering near 10 mm.Hg , the drug usage can be reduced or quit one by one to control the pressure between 10 15 mm.Hg , helping the patients to save the money and decrease the burden of drug taking , thus increasing the quality of life forever.

How does Glaucoma patient know that his disease is progressive and the optic nerve is being destroyed
          1. Decreases brightness sensivity   Light look dimmer in patient with progressive glaucoma damage. In bright sunlight the patient may say It looks cloudy Some patients may say I notice a fog like mist within my visual field The characteristic of this symptom is that when they have a short nap , the fog will disappear upon awakening , but it soon returns . The cause is insufficiency of blood supply to the optic nerve.
          2. Impaired dark adaptation   The patient has the problem when see things in low light condition and frequently knock things over.
          3. Decreased contrast sensitivity   It means decrease ability to discriminate between various shade of brightness. The patient has the problem in writing , reading and doing computer work especially when the shade of background and black print is closer. Another example , when the patient look at people , he can see morphology of the body and head but cannot see in the detail of the face such as the eyes , the nose , the mouth etc. , so he cannot identify who is coming. Some patients may say I have had trouble focusing on objects or sometimes things cloud up as I look at them.
          4. Vision   The poor vision will not be detected until the patient is going to blind. Some patient never know that they are blind until they try closing the good eye .

Clinical symptoms of the vision that relate to the ischemic stage of the ocular perfusion
stage 1    light looks dimmer, improved after a shot nap or wake up in the morning.
stage 2    foggy-mist vision, improved after a shot nap or wake up in the morning.
stage 3    visual field defect.
stage 4    total loss of visual field.
Eye massage can help these patients in stage 1 - 3 to restore visual function and return to their normal life.

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